Blue Rings


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Brand- Blue Rings

Visual/Texture– Round mini donut looking rings, with an evenly balanced coloring between two tone of blue to creamy beige hue with each rounded ring. Sugar coated outsides, with a soft fresh feel, and fairly uniform from one to the next.

Flavor– Brandishing a great flavor bringing on the taste of blue raspberry, with a slight sour citrus also existing. Leaving no unwanted taste lingering behind but produces a small layer of film on the teeth used to chew.

Potency– These rings are rounded up into a package of 50 little circles brandishing a 30mg with each piece for a grand total of 1500mg tagged bags Finding your ideal flight on these dosed delights closer around the 200mg mark. After roughly 40 minutes post consumption, you are immediately presented with a euphoric infested head high. Feeling your mood increases substantially while receiving a countering decrease of motivation. Relaxing feelings of warm pain relief enters your body, leaving you anchored for the evening and delivering you into a state of tranquility.


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