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Chocolope weed is the notable genetic aggregate of two powerful Sativas. It has a combination of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze hence the representative branding of joining these types together. Its genetics are natural and distinguished. It nearly has a 100% Sativa content, sitting just five percent beneath at a 95% Sativa, 5% Indica ratio. Many trusts the Chocolope strain to update their daily boosts with caffeine beverage. We will tend to agree that this reefer is clearly energizing, motivating, focus-inducing and uplifting. Additionally, Chocolope produces a hefty THC content, ranking in at 18%-23% on average.

Strain Attributes

As mentioned earlier, a part of what makes Chocolope simply so special is its mouth-watering flavor profile. It has a heavy reminiscent of a sweet mug of morning coffee, served with a small facet of rich, darkish chocolate. The initial heady scent that affects your senses while you open up a jar of this potent reefer, is a roasted, espresso-like scent that eventually melts into earthy and stinky undertones.

Chocolope is sincerely the ultimate stability of down-to-earth goodness and sweet, seducing notes. The flavor will become even better than the fragrance, attaining a greater dynamic spectrum of well-mixed top, center and coronary heart notes. As the caffeine aroma remains, it delivers elements of vanilla-like sweetness. Consumers are quickly reminded of freshly overwhelmed vanilla beans and their favorite dark-roasted brew.

Chocolope weed is one of the sweetest Sativas around, but its sugary notes won’t remind you of artificial candies. However, rather the type of healthful sweet that you experience when biting right into a juicy-ripe fruit grown from the soil. Its buds are beautiful and might cause you to stare incessantly, with thick, frosty crystals coat on the surface. Equally having muted grey and inexperienced sagey sugar leaves, combined with vibrant, brassy orange pistils that curl and wiggle. The water leaves are a healthy-green in shade, with admirable thick and stretchy colas, mounting on strong stems that hold together this powerhouse buds.


Chocolope brings about an energetic and motivational excessive. People who are innovative desiring to locate some thought for their day by day responsibilities would love this strain. The mental outcomes of Chocolope are extremely cerebral, but not a lot psychoactive, making it possible to function frequently with this marijuana. Unlike too much caffeine, Chocolope isn’t recognized to make its consumers jittery or nervous. Rather, it’s uplifting excessive is balancing and grounding, with a short onset of happiness and steady-breathing. It sets in a high that is enjoyable and does not possess a sturdy to come down.

 The Chocolope strain works exceptionally when consumed both first-thing inside the morning or sometime in the course of the day. It isn’t absolutely perfect for midnight use, because it does bring a fair proportion of energy to the table, which could make it tough to go to sleep. Due to this fact, it isn’t an ideal reefer for those who’ve insomnia or problems with sleeping. If one desires to start dreaming in their comfy bed quick, a sturdy Indica is better proper and might do the process no problem.

Medicinal Benefits of Chocolope

Chocolope has been an especially valuable strain for the medical marijuana community. This is because of its ability to bring relief to numerous ailments, and discomforts within both the mind and body. Chocolope serves as an aid for those experiencing difficult mental situations, which include severe depression, anxiety, strain or even PTSD. This is primarily because of Chocolope weed’s capability to uplift and motivate its consumers. It performs as a pick-me-up for folks who find it hard to make it through the day due to negative thought patterns, or simply an overall battle to quiet a busy mind.

Within the bodily realm of situations, Chocolope works brilliantly and intently to subdue any pains. It is a potent medicinal drug for folks who are undergoing persistent pain, muscle spasms, migraines and more. Probably its maximum efficient and common medical use is for continual or occasional fatigue. This is because of the 95% Sativa ratio, this strain is pretty spectacular and fast-performing on the subject of replenishing strength levels and an overall capacity for day to day functioning.

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