Cinderella 99


THC  22%, CBD   0%
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Bred by the unbelievable Mr. Soul of Brothers Grimm, Cinderella 99 is most popular for her elevating euphoric high. As a sativa-prevailing half and half, this fruity joy is ideal for those needing a powerful however fun strain to smoke. With a high normal of 18-20% THC this strain facilitates suspicion, cerebral pains, and different side effects that react well to elevated levels of THC. The strain was conceived from the antecedents Cinderella 88 and Princess, at last completion with this wonderful strain which is incredible for daytime use.

Effects and Medical Uses

The primary characteristics of Cinderella 99 include taking off cerebral impacts, mind racey, and solid nerve impacts. The Euphoric inspiring beginning gives the client a surge of vitality, like what you get from caffeine. After the underlying buzz, clients will begin to feel glad and their musings will experience their head at a million miles an hour simply like the individuals who drive on the HW 99. Because of these impacts, this strain isn’t suggested for night use and clients with uneasiness as it can keep clients up through the uptick in mental action.

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