Gold Seal **Flavoured** Hash


THC;52%     CBD;1.5%

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Gold seal hash is our most famous item! For a worthy brand, Gold Seal can’t be beaten! The BC-made, gold stamp hash is dull and delicate, ideal for moving up balls, blending in blunts, or bottle tokes! For all the old school work that takes off there, Gold Seal is an ideal item to purchase in mass. Treat yourself to a pleasant import, at that point smoke the gold stamp once you’ve just hit max speed stoned. Mid-level hash with a delicate flexible consistency and natural flavor profile. The ‘high’ is light and chatty with an additional flavor that is unique in relation to the standard dark hash.

The quality is mid-level power high and an incredible decision for day-time torment the board as it won’t leave you sluggish.

Gold Seal hash has assumed control over the worth brand hash showcase! The individuals have spoken, and Gold Seal is extending their hash game. These flavors smell simply like their names, it’s there in the smoke as well. An enjoyment not many grams worth buying…at least help your clear amigo out and have new breath 😉


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