Grandaddy Purple


THC  27%, CBD  0.1%

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It’s a powerful Indica hybrid go-between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Amazing Daddy Purple. The strain’s underlying foundations dwell in California, where it’s known to have up to a 60-day blossoming time.

These dim purple blossoms smell sweet like berries and grapes. The smoke is thick and smooth with a somewhat fruity taste. This strain will leave clients feeling inspired and glad as an influx of unwinding surges all through the body.

This mix clarifies why it has an unpredictable berry and grape fragrance while its nugs are larger than usual with a reduced bud structure. The nugs are inconceivably thick and fluffy with profound purple tones that run all through the buds. Moreover, the nugs are secured by orange hairs and balance well with its sap covered buds. What truly separates this strain from the others is that it is anything but difficult to distinguish by the taste alone. Its taste waits on the tongue for more and will assist you with feeling loose. The strain has a genuine kick to it and its psychoactive impacts are clearly noticeable in both body and brain.


It figures out how to convey a mind-boggling sentiment of physical unwinding and cerebral elation. You will wind up fixed in one spot while your musings coast in a fantastic buzz for the term of Grand Daddy Purple’s belongings. Much the same as some other Indica predominant strain, it is essentially utilized for clinical employments. The strain is very successful for patients experiencing craving misfortune, torment, sleep deprivation, muscle fits, and stress.

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