Green Crack


THC  24%, CBD   0%
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Don’t let the name fool you: this is unadulterated cannabis. Hardly any strains contrast with Green Crack, it’s sharp vitality and center as it prompts an empowering mental buzz that props you up all through the day. Branching into two hereditary genealogies, the most widely recognized of which is its Sativa line slipped from Skunk #1. The 75% Indica assortment of Green Crack is said to have originated from an Afghani strain and is set apart by a more tightly bud structure.


In spite of for the most part Indica physical attributes, Green Crack has a solid and buzzy Sativa high. It furnishes clients with an increase in vitality that before long shows as a cerebral mentality, making this a magnificent wake and heat strain. Green Crack’s strength can make commonplace like dishes and clothing assignments all the more intriguing. It’s likewise a rousing smoke – its sharp feeling of center can assist clients with focusing in on innovative activities or can cause to notice the subtleties in a bit of music or a motion picture. Green Crack can likewise have some marginally hallucinogenic impacts, including visual contortions and, especially, an odd feeling of time widening. Since it can leave clients feeling elevated and genuinely wired, this strain isn’t suggested to utilize late around evening time

Medicinal Uses

With a tangy, fruity flavor fragrant of mango, making it the ideal daytime prescription for patients treating weariness, stress, and melancholy.

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