Guava Cake Strain


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Guava Cake is an uncommon indica predominant half breed strain made as a backcross of the notorious Gold Leaf strain. In case you’re looking for a heavenly flavor and a very lifted indica-weighty high, you’ve discovered it with Guava Cake. This delectable bud packs a sweet tropical berry flavor into every single toke with a gently home grown breathe out. The fragrance is gritty and home grown with a hint of sweet products of the soil substantial tropical berry suggestion. The Guava Cake high is similarly pretty much as brilliant as the flavor, with a very jubilant suggestion that will have you in the best state of mind of your life before you disappear into a long and serene rest. You’ll feel a flood of cheerful innovative energy at the beginning of the great, filling both brain and body with a happiness that rapidly turns giggly and unfocused. Before long, it takes a calming turn, leaving you floating away before you know it into a long and quiet rest. In mix with its very intense 28-30% normal THC level, these impacts make Guava Cake the ideal bud for treating experienced patients experiencing conditions like sleep deprivation, discouragement, persistent pressure, sickness of craving misfortune and constant exhaustion. Guava Cake buds have spade-formed dull timberland green nugs with profound golden hairs and a covering of thick purple-colored white gem trichomes and sweet pitch.

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28% – 30%

Good For

Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress



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