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Marathon OG, otherwise called “Marathon Kush,” is an indica prevailing half breed strain made as an aggregate of the powerful OG Kush strain. Made for rap whiz Nipsey Hu$$le and named after a progression of his renowned blend tapes, Marathon OG packs a hefty high that will lift you up intellectually prior to thumping your level on your back actually for quite a long time on end.

The high beginnings in the head with an unpretentious euphoric form, lifting your spirits and giving you a hint of mental energy and core interest. This rapidly turns out to be completely dominated by a weighty, comprehensive body high that wrecks you level and locks you to the lounge chair with an undeniable degree of strength.

Medical Benefits

This rapidly turns Stoney and narcotic, leaving you resting off before you know it. With these impacts and its high 20% + normal THC level, Marathon OG is frequently picked to treat conditions like constant weakness, sorrow, persistent pressure or tension, muscle fits or squeezes, and ongoing agony.

This cannabis strain has a very fiery lemony earth flavor with a rich acrid natural smell to coordinate. Marathon OG buds have fleecy curiously large popcorn-molded minty green nugs with thick orange hairs blended all through, light golden connotations, and a cold thick covering of minuscule shining white precious stone trichomes

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