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THC  21-25%

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Named to pay tribute to one of the universes’ most noteworthy undisputed heavyweight champions, Mike Tyson by Green Supreme is meriting its namesake with its intensity and take out of a high. Despite the fact that the hereditary cosmetics of this Indica has been left well enough alone, Canna Clinic has gladly been accredited as the first raiser. Dependent on the solid sharp and gas or diesel smell and the punch of the unwinding and elevating high, many estimate that Mike Tyson is a cross between OG Kush or another member from the OG group of strains. The THC centralization of this heavenly Indica is referred to for arriving at levels as high as 25% and on normal can be found around 21%. The high is portrayed as a creeper, with impacts completely settling in around the 15 moments to brief imprint, however, don’t be tricked – when they kick in, the inebriating impacts of Mike Tyson will hit you like a truck! Clients are first overwhelmed with an inspiring feeling of elation and a spacey high that is extraordinary for getting a charge out of with companions, before the ground-breaking body high kicks in, loosening up the joints and facilitating any pressure or agony. Many report a loosening up lounge chair lock feeling that changes into a calming, lethargic buzz by the reversal that is extraordinary for clients managing sleep deprivation or weariness. Asides from the name itself or the power, Mike Tyson is additionally known for its astonishing pack offer – from its immense, stout, precious stone covered buds, to its one-two punch of fragrance and flavor, this Indica has everything. The smell of Mike Tyson is PURE gas! This colorful Indica displays all the flawless attributes of an OG relative with its hearty undercurrents with slight notes of citrus and a new botanical pith yet separates itself with an inebriating gas and diesel nose. The impactful notes of fuel will rapidly exemplify or penetrate a room inside only seconds!

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