THC  59%, CBD   0%


The origins of MoonRocks are a bit fuzzy, however, there were thought that a dispensary named Starbudz60 was the primary source to conjure up these powerful balls of bliss. However, the well-known West Coast rapper Kurupt has popularized moon rocks. There is even a unique trademarked ‘Kurupt Moonrocks’ to be had for sale. Lovers of rap will in all likelihood understand that he signed to the infamous Death Row Records label back in the 1990s, and his associate Dr. Zodiak tagged along. Today, you’ll find that all the original moonrocks products from that generation are now referred to as Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrocks.

Sadly, there are masses of shady individuals selling quite horrific versions. These unscrupulous sellers will create moonrocks using the lowest quality nugs, and downright horrible oil hidden underneath mediocre kief. Each rock can have a variant effect based on the lines used, along with cannabinoid and terpene concentrations.

Attributes of MoonRocks

Moonrocks are effective weed buds rich in hash oil, that you then roll in kief. It is relatively easy to create one, and it is a technique of experimentation loved by hashish connoisseurs with an excessive tolerance to weed. You’ll need it because fine estimates endorse that they have up to 51% THC! That’s extra than double the potency of many powerful marijuana strains.

  • Relaxed. Euphoric. Uplifted, Giggly.
  • Paranoid. Anxious

The high hits you instantly without delay after you are taking it,
knocking you exhausting inside the head with a cerebral rush that launches your thoughts into hazy elation before taking you away wholly intoxicated in mind and body. Euphoric as you slip away into a crucial couch-lock and sedation that may cause consumers to make up a deep and nonviolent sleep, because of those consequences and its insanely excessive THC level.

 Medical Uses of MoonRocks

MoonRocks are the best when it comes to treating insomnia, the urge for appetite loss, continual ache, muscle spasms, and cramps. This bud has a unique flavor of earthy nutty hash that has a diffused sweetness to it from the hash oil. In little doses, this will be powerful in ache reduction, stimulating yearning and nausea reduction.

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