Northern Lights


THC   33%, CBD   0%


A forceful, illness and mold-resistant plant with dim green, expansive leaves, it appears to be clear that Northern Lights strain is Afghani in inception. There are numerous kinds of aurora borealis that worked their way into reproducing stock for Sensi Seeds.

Aurora Borealis #1 is uncommon nowadays and was the taller and frostier choice with a crisp aroma; Northern Lights #5 is the most famous, intense, and fiery one; and Northern Lights #9 might be a super-uncommon cut once order by Nevil Schoenmaker that was acclimated breed so vanished.

Effects of The Northern Lights Strain

The impacts of Northern Lights are fast and amazing. Only two hits are sufficient to be stunned by moment happiness and an agreeable sluggish deadness all through the body. Aurora Borealis is about an unadulterated Indica. It is a solid thump over medication. Admirers of Indicas venerate this strain. It will give a sluggish murky break when an all-encompassing and hot day.

Aurora Borealis can relax away from pressure and rock you into a profound sleep. This two-hit marvel will give you prompt couchlock as you dissolve into the couch and will animate the craving. This is extraordinary for those whose craving is lost through ailment or despondency. It might likewise be valuable for those hoping to put on or get more fit as it will make your picked diet progressively tasteful. For instance, on the off chance that you believe you ought to eat a huge serving of mixed greens instead of supper yet don’t think that it’s tantalizing, a couple of hits of Northern Lights strain will make them dive in. Some report this extremely perfect Indica elevates their reasoning and imagination.


See over — began with the Super Sativa Seed Club, the most punctual of the first seed banks. It’s since worked its way into several crossovers, making it one of the establishments of present-day cannabis hereditary qualities.


Piney and earthy, at times lightly sweet


Piney, hashy, and earthy

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