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Papaya Cake is an indica prevailing crossover strain (80% Indica/20% Sativa) made through the intersection of the exemplary Papaya X Wedding Cake strains. The ideal bud for any indica sweetheart who needs an extraordinary taste with their toke, Papaya Cake welcomes powerful impacts with a taste that will leave your mind whirling. The flavor is actually similar to the name recommends, with a sweet tropical papaya taste emphasized by sweet cake and sharp lemons. The fragrance follows a similar profile, with a sweet cake hint that is emphasized by dashes of sharp lemon and new tropical papaya, as well.

The Papaya Cake high is comparably heavenly, with unwinding and alleviating impacts that will have you kicked back and torment-free quickly by any means. You’ll feel a softly lifted beginning get comfortable a couple of moments after your first toke, helping lift your brain into a glad express that is liberated from any burdens or hustling musings. A gently shivery body high goes with this cerebral lift, keeping your actual structure moored to the world underneath and pretty calmed on occasion.

Join these impacts with its very high 25-30% normal THC level and you have the ideal formula for treating persistent pressure or nervousness, PTSD, craving misfortune or queasiness, and a sleeping disorder. This bud has long cushy grape-molded minty green nugs with flimsy light orange hairs and chilly thick white trichomes.

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25% – 32%


Aroused, Calming, Energizing, Euphoria


Candy, Flowery, Fruity, Pine

Good For

Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, Stress


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