Papaya Punch Strain


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Papaya Punch Strain

Papaya Punch is a somewhat indica predominant mixture strain (60% Indica/40% Sativa) made through the intersection of the notorious Papaya X Purple Punch strains. Well known for its very sweet flavor and mind whirling impacts, Papaya Punch is ideal for any indica sweetheart who truly needs to kick back and unwind following a long and unpleasant day.

The high beginnings with a slight lift, filling you with a feeling of cerebral quiet and facilitate that is happy and exciting in nature. As your psyche sinks into this loosening upstate, you’ll feel an inundation of inventiveness and amiability that loans itself staggeringly well to any discussion with companions. A profoundly felt body high comes straightaway, crawling into your appendages prior to leaving you feeling weighty and steady, completely sofa locked, and pretty cheerful about it. This mix rapidly turns narcotic, leaving you languid, blurring in and out before you at last drop.

Medical Benefits

With these impacts and its very high 20-29% normal THC level, Papaya Punch is frequently picked to treat conditions like sleep deprivation, constant pressure or PTSD, persistent torment, and gloom. This bud has a sweet tropical berry flavor with a softly zesty breathe out. The fragrance is basically the same, in spite of the fact that with a prominent punch of cheddar to it, as well. Papaya Punch buds have level and thick heart-formed timberland green nugs with hairy orange hairs and a covering of cold smooth golden gem trichomes.

Additional information


20% – 29%

Good For

Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, Stress


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