Purple Kush


THC  27%, CBD    0%


Otherwise called “Purple Hindu Kush”, Purple Kush is a pure Indica that separates itself from other Indica. It was initially made by reproducers in an area of Oakland, California named Oaksterdam. This is one of the most seasoned legitimate therapeutic weed regions of the United States. Purple Kush is a cross between two South-Central Asian Indica landraces. The Hindu Kush, from the rough Pakistan-Afghanistan outskirt, and a purple-tinged assortment of Afghani. Purple Kush has a THC level running from 17% to as much as 27%.

Attributes Of Purple Kush

Purple kush strain has medium measured, popcorn-like blossoms when relieved, with a thick, substantial bud structure. Contingent upon the phenotype, leaves can be equivalent amounts of green and purple. The propensity towards purple specifically reproduced from the Purple Afghani parent strain comes from the plant’s anthocyanins shades. This procedure is like the breakdown of chlorophyll and the incitement of red and yellow shades that makes foliage change hues in harvest time.


Not at all like a few half breeds that start off with a bewildering head high that melts into a moderate feeling of quiet, Purple Kush slips you straight into physical unwinding. In spite of the fact that there might be some psychological impacts, they have even more a hallucinogenic, misshapen nature than a cerebral one. Smokers may welcome the quieting impacts of music or of the material environment. As oppose to animate hyperactive contemplations and sharp center, be that as it may, this strain is bound to realize a condition of dopey happiness. The perma-grin and overwhelming body stone that accompany Purple Kush certainly call for evening time satisfaction in this Indica knockout

Medical Uses Of Purple Kush:

Purple Kush can likewise be compelling as a medication. Its capably calming impacts can blunt a few symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can likewise be shockingly powerful in easing pain – both situational, similar to the hurts that set in after an exercise, or constant, similar to the nerve-related problems that come with cancer and chronic pain. In huge enough portions, it is likewise an incredible method to treat settled in a sleeping disorder. This strain is said to have a normal high of around 2 to 3 hours.


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