Skywalker OG


THC  26%, CBD   0%


A dank and potent strain, Skywalker OG gives a brilliant relaxed excessive with a pleasant blend of hybrid effects. An indica-dominant beauty that weighs in at 85/15, it’s the lovechild of Skywalker and OG Kush. Like its namesake, it’s going to bring strong kush attributes and leave you feeling like you’re within the clouds. Also known as Skywalker OG Kush, this strain boasts a powerful THC count, with height measurements within the 26% range. Even the lower side, which hovers around 20%, isn’t for beginners, because it offers an intense high that set in quickly. Spicy natural and diesel note fine describe Skywalker OG because it’s a smelly strain that tastes almost exactly as it smells. Nugs are spherical and deep olive green, yet are offset through wiry pistils and dense white trichomes.

Attributes of Skywalker OG Strain

It is a sticky and resinous strain with an elegant appearance. The nugs have sage green buds with the merest hints of purple, and they’re protected in light orange hairs. Skywalker weed has a huge number of trichomes; such a lot of in reality that the strain positively glistens while you keep it in light. The calyxes and overall structure look light and airy, and the buds I noticed were dried and cured via expert hands.

Typical Effects;

The deeply physical and mentally relaxing effects of Skywalker OG come on after only some tokes. Users describe the Skywalker OG strain high as one that’s speedy acting and heavily sedating, placing the body in an utterly relaxing state with a head-in-the-clouds euphoric excessive that fades right into a deep and peaceful sleep upon the comedown.

Medical Benefits of Skywalker OG Strain

Because of its robust physical high, Skywalker OG is ideal for those who go through from persistent pain. Whether it’s because of an injury or disease, your frame will savor transient comfort with this pressure. Since you’ll have a difficult time analyzing much, it’s ideal for folks suffering from excessive stress, anxiety, and depression. Think approximately of this strain as a holiday from your issues and the best way of getting an amazing night’s sleep. Individuals who battle with a poor appetite can also find much-needed help from Skywalker OG.

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