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Strong and sweet, Strawberry Kush is one well-rounded lady. Featuring a musky imitation strawberry taste, this strain lives up to its lineage. Typically located as a cross among the sweet Strawberry Cough and the stinky OG Kush. Strawberry Kush is strong but not overpowering. Potent stress for amateur consumers, it’s sleepy stress that produces a chilled heavy body sensation, even though results might also range among dosage and consumers.

Attributes of Strawberry Kush

Based on the dispensary, the ancestry of this strain has a tendency to vary. Certain dispensaries incorporate extra Sativa-dominant or hybrid versions that lead to the opposite, stimulating effects. This strain generally blossoms in 8 to nine weeks and comes by way of cloning only. In its make-up, Is carries Sativa genetics and it is smoked more like a Sativa than an Indica. Upon lighting fixtures this weed, one right away identifies citrus, pine and of course, strawberry. An easy flavor is a craft by way of the fruity mixture and the buzz of this weed mentally stimulates a person, leaving them alert and ready for action. Happy 64%, Relaxed 60%, Euphoric 57%, Uplifted 47%, Sleepy 33%.

Medicinal Effects of Strawberry Kush

Whether you’re seeking out for indica or sativa effects, either version of Strawberry Kush will do the job with regards to medicinal uses. It’s extremely good for strain discount and enables with depression, and can also take the edge off of frame pain. Although it’s not exquisite robust with regards to THC, it’s sturdy sufficient that moderate cramps, headaches, or pain can dissipate with ease. Some users flip to the Indica-dominant strain to assist with insomnia as well.

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