Vanilla Kush


THC  22%, CBD   0%


Strain Originating in Kashmir, India, the mother of Barneys Farm’s mostly Indica. Winning second place in the Cannabis Cup of 2009, this strain has been tested at more than 20 percent THC. Heavier on the body than the mind, Vanilla Kush can easily sink users into the couch and just as easily put them to sleep. These effects can last well over two hours and users with low tolerance should be careful.

Attributes of Vanilla Kush strain

As the name suggests, the signature heady scent of this stress is vanilla, with this intense candy vanilla aroma coupled with undertones of lavender, it’s far certainly a feminine strain that has killer effects.

The vanilla scent of this strain doesn’t stop there. Upon inhaling you could count on candy notes of vanilla and citrus to take hold, giving upward push to a nearly creamy palate.

Aside from the overall mighty sweetness of this bud, Vanilla Kush is an understated looking plant. With short to medium growth and a subtle inexperienced hue sprinkled with flecks of orange throughout. However, the high yields of this plant – which produce massive buds with strong, scrumptious scents – make this a dream to grow!


Most patients will discover they can triumph over the couch-lock this strain brings, which makes it great for day time pain relief. Users may locate that it may help fight melancholy(depression) and other temper disorders.

Medical Advantages of Vanilla Kush Strain

Due to the strong THC levels exceeding 20% and CBD around 1%, that is an excellent strain for medicinal use. The high is strong and brings with it a euphoric head high that is good for hysteria and depression. Others could find it for the other bodily effects which can help combat insomnia, arthritis, and nausea.

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